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Thousands of Online Lessons

With the launch of master planner comes a library that includes thousands of eLearning lessons across core subject areas.  Find lessons by standard, or keyword.  When you find the perfect lessons, attach them to your Planbook Plus lessons and the deliver them to your students using our next great feature....


Student Access

After setting up your planbook, and attaching your lessons,  add a class and student roster.   When setting up your students you will be able to create a username for them and provide a URL for them to access their lessons.  When students have finished their lessons, the grade for that lesson will show up in our next feature...



Advanced and Master Planner level plans will both get access to our built-in gradebook.  Master Planner's will be able to see the grades of the students taking online lessons from our library.   Advanced and Master planners will be able to create custom assignments where you can assign a grade manually for each of the lessons in your planbook.



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